Our Process

Our vision is to expand our brand portfolio using our years of experience, relationships, and the resources of the Admirox Group team. We are focused to scale up quickly and prepare for the exit through a handshake with investors. Admirox Group works in a very systematic and efficient manner. Our process starts by recruiting most talented people and end at establishing a high sale, investment-worthy business.

Finding Best among Rest

Admirox Group is eager to reach out to individuals interested in building brands from the grassroots level. We dig out different social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and reach out to our target audience through regular job postings.

You are onboard!

In response to our job application, several applicants connect with us. We have settled our criteria that are based on the essentials of this business requirement. Whoever fits our criteria for hiring comes on board with us. We provide you with adequate knowledge to build a brand and how to set up a business.

Together we build a brand

Admirox Group, we recruit you as a Partner, not an employee.

Keeping in view the success of eCommerce, we equip our partners to build the brand through either of eCommerce platforms – Amazon- Shopify

Reaching Goal & Sizeable Exit Strategy

We strive to achieve the goal of earning 1 Million USD in revenue. The team of well-versed experts works day and night to stabilize the brands to reach the goal. We always try to triumph the 1 Million USD revenue benchmark before considering to sell any brand to investors. Upon selling, the recruited partner gets 10% of the brand equity respectively.

Our handshake is as simple as that!

Still got a question? Learn how we’ve successfully built an empire of profitable brands under the umbrella of Admirox Group. The E-book will help you every step of the way, from crafting the right business model, getting the best seller ranking to finding the tips and tricks to ever-growing profits.

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